Dec. 17th, 2010


Dec. 17th, 2010 12:16 am
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Yeah, I died tonight. Keith did give me fair warning, I swear, but I couldn't help but think Kalandra would take the shot. She did, and got smacked for like 140 points of damage. Dead-Dead. Kind of brought the game to a screeching halt.

I think he's going to start up some sort of quest to bring me back to life, not sure. At least I get to roleplay her pets while the rest of the guys carry my body around.

Keith was tossing about ideas for alternate games.. He has this dumb idea that there should be a game, where we each play ourselves, and are transported into a fantasy land. I laughed, that was TOTALLY done in "The Guardians of the Flame" - how non-original, I don't think I'd ever play in a game like that.

Let's see, what else happened. Sales are increasing! It's christmas time!
THe most, money-ful time..... of the year....... *sings*
I made some christmas themed stuff. Sells reasonably well. I think I put in a good 6 or so hours a day making jewelry at this point, it's a lot.. And an hour a week fooling with the web. I almost make minimum wage! Commercialism yay. Or something.

Speaking of which, SOLSTICE IS COMING.

Sent in two more job applications this week. I think, I shall call mother on christmas, and be pleasant and kind to her. Hopefully she will be happy.


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