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So today is commercial-mas, and I gave my mother her obligatory phone call.
Once again, she was surprisingly pleasant. A lot less stressed. We actually got along.

See, once again, the workings, do work!

I did send out some gifts to friends, as they tend to enjoy getting gifts (who doesn't)
Everyone seemed to like the things I gave them.

Also, A VERY SCARY SOLSTICE. Best. Album. Evar! Go get it now.
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Happy Solstice everyone!

We are halfway through the dark!

Sales of the crafties are all going well. I have TWO phone interviews coming up next week.

I have a new coat, and I even called my mother!
She was /pleasant/ to me! Maybe a bit distant, but pleasant nonetheless.

All that positive energy work I've been doing must be paying off.

Off to prepare for the ritual!
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Frittering away time making these links.

Making this cool chainmail bracelet, brass, copper, and silver wire. Tiny tiny loops.
I can't believe I cut all these links. I must be insane. But it will be SHINY.

Since I dropped out of college, I have been mostly alone. I see friends a bit, and there's the weekly game.. There's Steve, Nathan, Gwen, Arwynn. We hang out from time to time. And the occasional SCA event. My only family really is my mom. I guess I should put forth more of an effort

I wonder if I should open an OK Cupid account. Of course there are 4 people in salem I'd meet. Probably those four. Who knows.

Spent a lot of the afternoon in the graveyard again this afternoon, under my tree. It's my tree now by the way, I have claimed it. No one else can have it. It really is my peaceful place.

Going to be doing some more workings, to try to reduce my mothers stress. It's not selfish if it is mainly to help someone else out? is it? I can totally see this backlashing, but she seems so stressed about things. There's no need for her to be so stressed.
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They want to phone interview me tomorrow for the Secretary job.

I had forgotten about that job, perhaps the workings I had been doing for positive energy are paying off. And being a good person in general. Three Times Three, what I send out it comes back to me... I scrape by living this life, I must have a hella karmic debt.

Of course, the point is to satisfy the parental unit. She means well, I suppose.
If she weren't so damned controlling. I think i'll wait to send her an email about it tomorrow.

There's something appealing about a regular paycheck and not having to hope and pray that crafts will sell in order to make the rent.
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Happy Samhain! Happy New Year!

Ritual tonight, finally got everything I need. I have a feeling this new year is going to be great!
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Samhain is coming! Or halloween for you jokers who don't know any better.
(If Christians can be dismissive of me, I can be dismissive of them)

I love this time of year, it just smells nice outside. The leaves are falling from the trees.
The scent of death is in the air as the earth goes into slumber for the long dark night.

I'm just filled with happiness and glee as I walk around in the trees.

I am working on a Samhain ritual for this coming weekend. This is going to be nice, but I need to do some driving to get the herbs I need.

Travelling is going to be unfun. Might have to bribe steve again with food to come check out my car just in case.

Perhaps, Oh this song is great. What nice timing. Coin-Operated Boy...Sitting on the shelf, he is just a toy... I really need one of these.


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