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Frittering away time making these links.

Making this cool chainmail bracelet, brass, copper, and silver wire. Tiny tiny loops.
I can't believe I cut all these links. I must be insane. But it will be SHINY.

Since I dropped out of college, I have been mostly alone. I see friends a bit, and there's the weekly game.. There's Steve, Nathan, Gwen, Arwynn. We hang out from time to time. And the occasional SCA event. My only family really is my mom. I guess I should put forth more of an effort

I wonder if I should open an OK Cupid account. Of course there are 4 people in salem I'd meet. Probably those four. Who knows.

Spent a lot of the afternoon in the graveyard again this afternoon, under my tree. It's my tree now by the way, I have claimed it. No one else can have it. It really is my peaceful place.

Going to be doing some more workings, to try to reduce my mothers stress. It's not selfish if it is mainly to help someone else out? is it? I can totally see this backlashing, but she seems so stressed about things. There's no need for her to be so stressed.


Nov. 26th, 2010 02:34 pm
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Yeah, I'm not going to be doing that again.

Mom was happy to see me, we had food. Food heaped with guilty.

According to her, i'm supposed to look like her, dress like she did when she was my age.
Find a nice job, get my degree, find a man, and marry him, and start popping out babies.

I think she'd like it if I did this at the end of next week.

The reason? Babies. Uh, yeah. Mom, you aren't that old, I have time, and my biological clock has a LOT of spring left in it.

At least I have turkey.
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Mom was unhappy about the job that I failed to get. Yay for more demoralizing insults.

Oh yes, and you WANT me to come home for thanksgiving. Way to entice a girl there mom.

I'm not sure what she is thinking, being insulting, telling me that EVERYTHING about me is wrong, and then say "come home!"

I don't know what's worse. That, or the realization that she is the only family I have.


Nov. 12th, 2010 03:14 pm
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..went just as you would expect.

demoralizing. and I didn't even want the stupid job.


I hate my life some weeks.
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They want to phone interview me tomorrow for the Secretary job.

I had forgotten about that job, perhaps the workings I had been doing for positive energy are paying off. And being a good person in general. Three Times Three, what I send out it comes back to me... I scrape by living this life, I must have a hella karmic debt.

Of course, the point is to satisfy the parental unit. She means well, I suppose.
If she weren't so damned controlling. I think i'll wait to send her an email about it tomorrow.

There's something appealing about a regular paycheck and not having to hope and pray that crafts will sell in order to make the rent.
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Sent off the commission last night. That took a long time. At least it was in time for his wedding or something, he wasn't mad. People are strange. Of course, this is me saying that.

I'll say it again.. Yeah..... Never. Working. With. Steel. Again. Okay, maybe if i get more tools I will. Or another big check. Okay, maybe I will, but I won't like it a lot.

Reposted the usual fare of stuff to the store, the steampunks keep me in food, so I can't complain.
I've had a few new ideas for some earrings that actually have intermeshed gears.

SCA this weekend, there's going to be an event. They elected a new baron and baroness, or some such. I should keep better track of these things, but I've been busy. I haven't been to an event like this in a while, I hope the guys don't mind me skipping out on the game this week.

Need to dig out the garb..
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Happy Samhain! Happy New Year!

Ritual tonight, finally got everything I need. I have a feeling this new year is going to be great!
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Samhain is coming! Or halloween for you jokers who don't know any better.
(If Christians can be dismissive of me, I can be dismissive of them)

I love this time of year, it just smells nice outside. The leaves are falling from the trees.
The scent of death is in the air as the earth goes into slumber for the long dark night.

I'm just filled with happiness and glee as I walk around in the trees.

I am working on a Samhain ritual for this coming weekend. This is going to be nice, but I need to do some driving to get the herbs I need.

Travelling is going to be unfun. Might have to bribe steve again with food to come check out my car just in case.

Perhaps, Oh this song is great. What nice timing. Coin-Operated Boy...Sitting on the shelf, he is just a toy... I really need one of these.
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New boots = Awesome! Need to find a link to the picture.

I can really stomp on some faces in these. YOU! STEAMPUNK! You did not buy my stuff! BAD STEAMPUNK! *stomp stomp stomp* hehehe..

In other news, my mom was made mostly happy by me putting in another resume. One would think that she would have something more to do with her life other than manage me. Ah, the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

life is reasonable I suppose.
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Ok. So steel is frigging hard. I went through one cutting wheel on the dremel. I'm going to have to be creative with this. I'm glad he paid me in advance. Cut myself on a raw edge. This could be a while.

Didn't get the job, not too unexpected. Sent mom email. Got back snarky reply about how my attitude is poor, and how I need a new wardrobe. Mom, you stopped dressing me when I was 10. No you can't re-start now.

Decided to celebrate today by going to the graveyard, lying under a tree, and re-reading lord of the rings.

Yep, good times. Graveyards are peaceful. I can really ground and center there. It's the place for me.

Also ordering big stompy boots from internet, helped a lot.
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The earrings I was working out turned out well. I found some of these little locks, made an interesting mechanical locking set..

But that lead to a commission! Of course, this guy wanted a necklace that incorporates them for his girlfriend. Yeah... Uh.. Right.. Of course he wants steel wire and links in it, and I haven't worked with steel before. So this should be interesting.

I got called for a phone interview with the lawyers office. I kind of suspect that they won't want me, they have this dress code that I am totally not into. But we'll see. We're doing this to humor mom anyhow.
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Brass arrived today! Yay! Gonna strat working on it tomorrow

I posted a set of earrings on the etsy store, and a necklace. The necklace sold nearly instantly. Just a bunch of gears and chain. Five times profit! I've got 20 items up there now. Go go steampunks! Buy my stuff!

I found a cool new coat on this website:
I really like the concept of this website. Is pretty cheap too. Might have to get it.

Hung out with Steve, some. We watched ghostbusters again. That movie is still awesome.
He fixed the car in like 4 seconds. turns out the distributor cap was falling off. Not really sure how that happens, but there we go.

Mabon is tomorrow! Remember to give thanks for the harvest!
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I'm really really excited about this steampunk fad. It's actually making me a bunch of money.
That keeps me fed, and housed - which is very good.

I was at a junk store, and I found a whole box of old broken watches. Major Score!!
I got them for $4!!! The owner was so confused as to why I was excited.

I've ordered some brass wire and brass sheet, that I expect are going to be here in a week.
I already have some ideas for some new pieces up on etsy by the end of next week.

I heard someone say "steampunk is when goths discovered brown". I like that.
However, I still prefer black. Perhaps I should order a corset at some point though...

Heard from mom again, "I only care about you, blah blah". Yeah, right. That's why I'm living in this hole, and they drive a mercedes. To silence my parents, I have applied to two respectable positions in town. Administrative Assistant type jobs. We'll see if they even call me bac. I should finish my degree, but, losing all those credits when I switched majors set me back big time.

Stupid car is acting up again, I expect I'll call Steve and have him look at it. Perhaps I'll buy him dinner. We haven't hung out in a while. That could be fun.
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So here I sit, alone in my apartment, watching a depressing show about how a bunch of people died today. I would throw away the TV if it were not for the fact that you can play video games on it.

At least the jingoistic rhetoric is dying down from years ago. However, it is still depressing.

I expect that this day won't ever be for me again. And yes, I am an awful person for thinking that.

Is typical, no calls from mom or anything. I guess they are upset that I don't have a "real job" yet.
As is typical. Got some emails from friends and the coven, perhaps next year I'll try to arrange a dinner mob.

Perhaps next year i'll have a boyfriend to arrange a dinner mob for me. Blah.

Time for music and a nap.


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