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Talked to Nate, kind of flirted. Think i fixed things, but not sure. He's out of town for business for a week, so we are getting back after I get off of work on Wednesday.

Who would have thought I would be saying that.. "When I get off work"

In sadder news, mom's having some effects from the chemo already. She's having trouble eating. This is distressing. I had some herbal suggestions for helping with that, but she seemed to take offense and got off the phone quickly.

I was just trying to help......

So yeah..

Feb. 15th, 2011 04:25 pm
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Talked to steve, he said that nate might have thought he went over the line or something, and that's it. And since I gave him NO feedback...

Sigh, so yeah my fault overall, typical. I'll have to crawl under a rock.

Perhaps i shall get the guts to talk to him.. Perhaps I'll work hiding under a rock.

Talked to mom again, so they say she has six months. That's so bizarre. To know when your life will approximately end. I know that we have a lot of differences. But it's a painful wasting death.

Not sure that I would want to go like that, and I'm not really sure I can bear to watch her go like that. Goddess Bless... I guess that's the hardest part, knowing the pain and agony. Or the drugged out haze. Sure she'll be gone, and move on to her next life, but really....

I'm being selfish with that thought...

Not only does fate hate me, but it hates my family too.

At least I get to start a new job soon. I wonder how fate is going to screw me here as well.


Feb. 13th, 2011 11:45 am
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Went to dinner on thursday. Played some silly games together.. Talked a bunch, but perhaps not as much as I would have normally talked to some one.

He did flirt, and he kissed me, several times. Even made comments about inviting me back to his place...

And it's been two days since I have heard a single word from him.

Not a Single Word. He's seen me online. Of course, this begs the question why haven't I contacted him....

Still. Nothing. WTH. Tomorrow is valentines. Perhaps I shall get a crossbow, paint some quarrels pink with hearts on them, and go on a mass murder spree. Ok, I won't do that for real.. But sometimes people make me hate our species.

Perhaps I shall get a cat after all.
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That went surprisingly well I think, I'm slightly confused. But more later! bed now.


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